Road Trippin’ Spider

Driver's Side Mirror

She’s not visible in the photo, but there’s a little spider that lives behind the driver’s side mirror. Over the past three weeks, she’s become quite the traveler. From Sechelt to Vancouver to Whistler to Vancouver and back again to Sechelt.

I like to think she’s traveled farther than her siblings. If spiders could send postcards, she’d totally do it because she’s got sass.

There were moments when I thought I lost her along my travels and my heart would sink, but then she’d emerge from behind the mirror and I’d cheer. I’d offer her words of encouragement when her web was looking shabby and I’d wish her bon appétit when she’d catch a meal.

It’s funny how attached I became to her—my eight-legged road warrior companion.

My Wild Art Baby Turns One

Dude Chilling Art Exchange

Happy Birthday, Dude Chilling Art Exchange! My wild art baby turns one today.

People love her for her spirit and some people hate her for her name.

There are those who love her so much they’ve held their birthday in the park and requested their guests make art to place inside, instead of giving gifts.

Some people have been cruel and busted her doors and scrawled tags across her body, while others have left notes of love.

People really love her during good weather, but there are those who brave the rain to visit too.

Through the good and the bad, she’s weathered it all and the art keeps on cycling through. From my weekly counts, I’d say approximately 1000 pieces of art have passed through her doors so far.

Most importantly though, my wild art baby wouldn’t be what she is today without the love and support of those who open her doors. To those close by and to those far away: thank you for embracing the spirit of sharing art with each other.

Thank You for Making Collective Ground a Success

Saturday’s art exhibition, Collective Ground, in Brewery Creek Community Garden was a hit! Despite the scorching heat, there were steady streams of people meandering through the garden to view all the wonderful artwork all day. Thank you, patrons of art! Your interest, support, and kind words mean a lot.

Special thanks to all the artists and performers who helped create such a wonderful vibe in the garden. Collective Ground is a reflection of the talents of participating artists Alicia Marie LawrenceAnna CrowAnne Nicole MeesonChristian CasadeiFred “JOY” JoyalJaymie JohnsonJudith Atkinson, Marnie Hiebert, Miralda Reyes, and Tara Galuska; special collaborative guests Vancouver Pop-Up-Poets Meharoona Ghani, Jennifer Zilm, Matea Kulic, Lindsay Glauser Kwan, and Betsy Chow; and musician Adam Bowen.

And thank you to my co-host Marnie Hiebert; volunteers Kitty Nichols and Mitch Janzen; the Broadway East Art Walk for helping make Saturday a day filled with art and community by hosting their own art walk in conjunction with Collective Ground; the Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grant program for the funding; and Brewery Creek Community Garden for being supportive of the arts and opening their gates so artists can share their art with the community.

Below is a photo gallery of some of the artwork, which was on display in Brewery Creek Community Garden on Saturday, July 12th.

Broadway East Art Walk and Dude Chilling Art Collective present A Day of Art and Community in Mount Pleasant

Broadway East Art Walk and Dude Chilling Art Collective

Come join Dude Chilling Art Collective and Broadway East Art Walk to celebrate a day of art and community in Mount Pleasant on Saturday, July 12th from 11 am until 4 pm.

View the works of local artists, enjoy some music and refreshments, and meet your fellow community members.

About the Broadway East Art Walk

Broadway East Art Walk’s mission is to transform the stretch of Broadway, between Prince Edward and Prince Albert, into a place where neighbours and community members can fully experience art in all its forms.

Broadway East Art Walk’s Exhibition Locations

  • St. Michael’s – 2472 Prince Edward
  • Andrew Sheret – 425 East Broadway
  • Fence at 452 East Broadway
  • Teamsters – 490 East Broadway
  • In case of rain, the exhibitions will be moved to: Maker Labs – 221 East 10th Avenue, and St. Michael’s – 2472 Prince Edward
  • Participating artists.

About Dude Chilling Art Collective‘s Curated Exhibition “Collective Ground”

“Collective Ground” aims to inspire dialogue about art and community spaces, while providing artists with the opportunity to share and sell their work in a non-traditional gallery setting.

Dude Chilling Art Collective’s Exhibition Location

Special Collaborative Guests

Anna Crow, a self-taught Métis artist, will be live painting in the garden between 11 am and 4 pm! How cool is that? Anna’s in Dude Chilling Art Collective’s exhibition too. We can’t wait to see Anna work her magic.

Vancouver Pop-Up-Poets, 11 am to 1 pm in the community gardens of Dude Chilling Park (East 7th and Prince Edward). In case of rain, Pop-Up-Poets will move to Maker Labs at 221 East 10th Avenue.

Your Word! We Write! We Recite! On the Spot Poetry! Published Poets invite you to request a poem be written on the spot. The poet performs it and gifts it to you.
Pop-Up-Poets: Meharoona Ghani, Jennifer Zilm, Chelene Knight, Matea Kulic, Tesicca Truong.

Musician Adam Bowen, 1 pm to 4 pm in the community gardens of Dude Chilling Park (East 7th and Prince Edward). In case of rain, Adam Bowen will move to Maker Labs at 221 East 10th Avenue.

Adam Bowen has been entertaining audiences since elementary school. Building on a background of theatre arts and raised by musicians, this energetic human never fails to liven up a crowd. He’s got a repertoire of hundreds of songs dating from the 40’s through to today that play well along side his extensive original material. Adam adds an infectious groove to the music, whatever the genre may be. Adam is a musical chameleon, guaranteed to please.

Sinead Sanders is an East Van-based musician/songwriter, in the roots/blues/rock & roll vein. Sinead will be performing at 2:30 pm on the lawn of St. Michaels Hall, 2472 Prince Edward Street, and then at 3 pm in front of 490 East Broadway.

So much creativity in one place, you won’t want to miss this!

Thanks and More Info

With special thanks to the Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grants program for the funding for these events.

Plus a huge shout out to Brewery Creek Community Garden for letting the Dude Chilling Art Collective take over the garden on Saturday, July 12th. Your encouragement and support of the arts in our neighbourhood is truly appreciated.

Facebook Event page info: Broadway East Art Walk and Dude Chilling Art Collective present A Day of Art and Community in Mount Pleasant.

A map of all the exhibition locations is below.

Broadway East Art Walk and Dude Chilling Art Collective Map

Spacecadet Ready to Launch

In partnership with CityStudio Vancouver, the Broadway East Art Walk is stewarding a Keys to the Streets piano for the months of July and August in Dude Chilling Park.

Myself and three other artists were invited to paint the piano for Broadway East Art Walk and MakerLabs generously us the space to do our work. If you haven’t been by MakerLabs yet, go check them out. It’s a beautiful space full of awesome tools.

Our artist team consisted of Carolyn Bell, Josephine Wang, Marnie Hiebert, and myself.

We had to hit the ground running, knowing not all of us were available to help out for the week we had to pull this baby together, but we did it.

I did way more squats than I thought I could ever do, and we all went home at the end of each night pretty sore. It was worth it, though.

Spacecadet is ready to launch in Dude Chilling Park near the playground. Make good use of this piano, folks. She’s begging for people to come tickle her ivories.

Welcome to MakerLabs

Welcome to MakerLabs, who generously provided us space to work on the piano. If you haven’t been by, go check them out! So much awesome.

Sanding the Piano

Marnie working hard to get the piano sanded and ready for primer.

Piano Sanding Detail

Marnie’s hard work pays off.

Surveying the Handiwork

Josephine surveying her handiwork.

Panel Detail

The panel detail we wanted to keep, which served as inspiration for “Spacecadet”.

For the Shorties

Obligatory step-ladder shot, for all those shorties like me.

Primed and Ready

Primed and ready for some art love.

Paint Palette

Our palette of colours. Marnie and Josephine did wonders with the mixing.

Piano Colours

My handiwork. I could almost eat that yellow with a spoon!

Getting There

Ready and waiting for Carolyn to work her magic on the front panel.

Pause for a Smile

Carolyn pausing for a smile. Making art doesn’t have to be serious business.

Finished Piano - Spacecadet

“Spacecadet” ready for launch!

On My Skin Like Tattoos

In Shadow

I wear the memories of you on my skin like tattoos; tracing their outlines with my fingertips.

I wonder, sometimes, what it would be like to run into you. It feels like it’s been so long now.

Will we watch the sadness fall away—light sparking in our eyes—or will the taste of grief in our hearts cloud everything.

100 in 1 Day Urban Intervention at Dude Chilling Park Wrap-up


On Saturday, June 7th, myself and a few friends staged an urban intervention as part of 100 in 1 Day. You can read about what we planned to do, here.


Saturday was a glorious, sunny day in Vancouver. We set up in Dude Chilling Park with crayons, felts, pencil crayons, charcoal, graphite, oil pastels, plenty of paper for people to draw on, and eagerly awaited our first guests.


We had a grand, old time saying hello to people who passed by and stopped to chat. There were a lot of curious questions from cyclists and pedestrians, and plenty of bold people who stopped to join us and draw something for the Dude Chilling Art Exchange. I took a lot of pleasure in announcing, “You’re done your drawing? Awesome! Come with me!” And we’d skip off to the art exchange.


It was satisfying to watch everyone who joined us take their time in selecting what material they’d use to create their artwork. I like watching people make decisions when presented with a plethora of colourful options.

We were full of encouragement for those who weren’t so sure about their artistic abilities, and pretty soon even the shyest who stopped to join us were deep in conversation and creation.


It was a fantastic day and we met so many wonderful people who helped create new artwork for the Dude Chilling Art Exchange. It was such a wonderful day, in fact, we’ve decided we’d like to make this a regular thing we do, so stay tuned for announcements about coming to join us to create more art in the park.

Big thanks to Kitty, Jill, Marnie, Varouj, the team at 100 in 1 Day, and all those wonderful strangers—who aren’t strangers anymore—for stopping by to say hello.