Death Café – Vancouver

Are you dying to talk about death? Please join us for a Death Café at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House on Wednesday, March 25th. We’d love for you to be a part of the… Continue reading

Vintage Double Exposure

Back in December, I spent an afternoon sifting through my Black and White Time Machine with my sister. She’d never seen many of the photos before. We drank tea together and I shared the stories I… Continue reading

That Magical Reset

In the dark moments of December, while we hold another dying year in our arms, a years worth of struggles burble to the surface. It often feels like the goodness fades away in those moments… Continue reading

Falling into Trees

The black-capped chickadees fly into the trees like leaves falling backwards.

From the Bottom of the Sky

Road Trippin’ Spider

She’s not visible in the photo, but there’s a little spider that lives behind the driver’s side mirror. Over the past three weeks, she’s become quite the traveler. From Sechelt to Vancouver to… Continue reading

My Wild Art Baby Turns One

Happy Birthday, Dude Chilling Art Exchange! My wild art baby turns one today. People love her for her spirit and some people hate her for her name. There are those who love her so much they’ve… Continue reading

Thank You for Making Collective Ground a Success

Saturday’s art exhibition, Collective Ground, in Brewery Creek Community Garden was a hit! Despite the scorching heat, there were steady streams of people meandering through the garden to view all the wonderful artwork all… Continue reading

Broadway East Art Walk and Dude Chilling Art Collective present A Day of Art and Community in Mount Pleasant

Come join Dude Chilling Art Collective and Broadway East Art Walk to celebrate a day of art and community in Mount Pleasant on Saturday, July 12th from 11 am until 4 pm. View… Continue reading

On My Skin Like Tattoos

I wear the memories of you on my skin like tattoos; tracing their outlines with my fingertips. I wonder, sometimes, what it would be like to run into you. It feels like it’s been so long now. Will we… Continue reading

100 in 1 Day Urban Intervention at Dude Chilling Park Wrap-up

On Saturday, June 7th, myself and a few friends staged an urban intervention as part of 100 in 1 Day. You can read about what we planned to do, here. Saturday was a… Continue reading

100 in 1 Day Vancouver: Urban Intervention at Dude Chilling Park

 From 100 in 1 Day Vancouver: What if hundreds of people united, each putting in place the changes they wish to see in their city, all on the same day? On June 7,… Continue reading

Grandview Pollinator Project

Are you interested in learning how you can help pollinators flourish in Vancouver? Yes? Good. The Grandview Pollinator Project is a series of free workshops running throughout the summer that will teach the basics… Continue reading

Mount Pleasant Placemaking Tour

On May 7th, I had the pleasure of participating in a placemaking tour of Mount Pleasant for Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House as part of the Inspire 2014 conference, an International Neighbourhood House and Settlement… Continue reading

Scratch and Sniff

I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve forgotten to post here on the ol’ blog. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten to take time to stop and smell the flowers, though. Spring is in full… Continue reading

Big Love, Big Thanks: Broadway East Art Walk at the Midtown Experiment

I was so busy helping organize the Broadway East Art Walk at the Midtown Experiment—a weekend of art & community—I forgot all about posting about it here on my blog. That’s okay though, we… Continue reading

On Making Memories

Sometimes I think about the early memories my not-quite three-year-old niece will remember as she grows older. These thoughts strike me when her and I share quiet moments together – her snuggled in my… Continue reading

Hey Hey Mr. Developer

On the corner of East 7th Avenue and Brunswick Street stood two houses. Overgrown with vegetation and having fallen into disrepair, they sat “empty”. I use this term loosely. They were never really… Continue reading

A Short Summary of My 2013

In 2013 I kept a “Good Things Jar”. 2012 had been so rough, I felt I needed to mark the good things that happened in 2013. It was about finding perspective and remembering… Continue reading

Trapped on My 3rd Floor Balcony

Hey! I recorded a story for you. I hope you enjoy my amusing, yet mildly traumatic misadventure with my friend Melanie.

Write Me Your Fears and Loves, She Commanded

“WRITE ME YOUR FEARS AND LOVES.” So said the email from my friend Trout. She advised me that if I didn’t send her a list of some of my fears and loves within… Continue reading

Foggy Nights and Pretend Axe Murderers

For five years I’ve had this idea of doing a photo shoot with an axe-wielding figure in the fog, but every year I forget about it until after the few days of soupy… Continue reading

Old Timey Goodness

Come step into my Black and White Time Machine.


I’ve had all these posts I’ve meant to write. Posts like learning to hunt with my Dad and how there’s a strange “cycle of life” feeling that underlies those moments, because of his… Continue reading

Dude Chilling Art Exchange Curating Exhibit as Part of Broadway East Art Walk

The Dude Chilling Art Exchange will be curating an exhibit in Guelph Park on Saturday, September 28th, from noon to 5pm, as part of the Broadway East Art Walk. The Broadway East Art… Continue reading