Happy 125th Birthday, Vancouver

Happy 125th Birthday, Vancouver.

I often talk about my Black and White Time Machine. It has the power to transport me to points in time in my family history and helps to remind me about the rich history that still lives in the City of Vancouver.

Being a third generation Vancouverite is a point of pride for me. I had the benefit of absorbing oral history handed down to me from the maternal side of my family. Plus, upon my Gramma’s passing, three large boxes of black and white photos. Without the benefit of countless hours spent over Earl Grey tea with my Gramma, I wouldn’t know a lot of the history attached to these photos.

Here’s a tiny slice of that history.

My maternal grandmother, Vancouver BC, West Side, 1933

Royal Car, King & Queen visit to Vancouver BC, Burrard Street, May 29, 1939

Some of my ancestors, Kits Beach, Vancouver BC, 1920

Over a cup of Earl Grey tea, my Gramma once told me a story of a bear that was terrorizing children up near Lord Kitchener Elementary School (near Dunbar St.), Vancouver BC, 1930. This is that bear.

The family homestead, Vancouver BC, West Side, 1929

My great maternal grandfather (such a handsome man), Downtown Vancouver BC, circa 1940s

Young Brothers Produce, Venables St. Vancouver BC, 1930s