The Hand Saw of Truth

I’m pretty damn pleased with myself at the moment. Pleased as punch, I tell ya. Satisfied too. It’s the kind of satisfaction that comes with the ability to be self-sufficient.

The cupboard in the corner needed an extra shelf and instead of going out and buying a piece of wood and having someone cut it for me, I had a moment of truth.

I don’t need anyone to do that for me. I can do it myself!

So I wandered down to my storage locker and pulled out a piece of wood I’ve hung onto for five years. Never having had a use for it, until now, it was obvious my brain somehow knew that five years into the future I would require this piece of wood. Okay, not really.

Some furious hand sawing later and I have an extra shelf. It ain’t pretty, but I did it all by myself. I feel like a three-year old who just learned to tie her own shoes.

Don’t mind me while I cluck and prance around my kitchen with a satisfied air of pride for a little while.