Comin’ Through the Rye

Occasionally, when I have my camera on me—but I’m hauling ass and don’t have time to stop and take a photo—I take photos anyway. I hold the camera against my torso for core stability and then click as I walk. I like the fact that I have no idea how the motion of my body will affect the results.

This photo was taken at Granville Island. I turned the camera on because the woman in front of me was wearing spectacular knee socks. The lack of evidence of those spectacular socks doesn’t stop me from loving this photo.

The way the light swoops across the frame reminds me of how the light licks across the prairies in the early morning. I imagine the shadow of the woman in the background running her hands over the tops of golden grain and the line “If a body meets a body, coming through the rye” starts churning between my ears.