Everyday Portals

I get a kick out of windows and doors. I think about all the people who’ve used them and all the old photo albums they might be in.

Picture it: A young man leans against the weathered door frame, smoking a cigarette as his friend snaps a shot before their girlfriends arrive. Or a plotted photograph of a young girl’s grandmother gazing out the window at the pigeons eating the seed she left for them. All my imaginings inevitably make me turn around to peer intently at a view that may no longer exist the way it once was.

A lot of the old doors and windows that really catch my fancy are smaller than your average modern-day portals, and often slightly askew. Everything seems to get bigger as the years pass. Take a look at the size of closets from the 1930’s  (compared to today), and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I know I’m not alone and that makes me happy. Out there, somewhere, there are others who get a kick out of photographing the portals we use daily.

To view my full photo set of windows and doors on Flickr, click here.