Winters Past

The crackling of winter is upon us.

We should cherish the beauty of our seasons as we know them now and from days gone by. What’s ahead is going to challenge us in ways we haven’t imagined yet.

I hope you enjoy some of my memories from Winters past. Happy Winter Solstice!

Frost in the early morning in a garden on the Sunshine Coast. (The little kid inside of me wants to give the top of that lighthouse a good lick.) It was damn cold that morning. The kind of cold that calls for brisk walks and rosy cheeks.

The sun hung low in the sky, casting Winter’s pale light on these succulents. Braving the brittle cold on my knees, I knelt close.

The Winter sun slips beyond the treeline in Niton Junction, AB. This was the first winter I ever experienced temperatures below -10C. I remember freaking out when I thought there was something wrong with my face (much to the amusement of my prairie friends). “Your nose hairs are freezing, sweets. It’s ok.”

The back forty that felt like it rolled on and on forever. I stood there and listened to the sounds of the snow—soft and plump with the occassional distant crack—broken only by the call of a lone wolf off inside the treeline.

The deck of a very snowy ferry as it cut across the Salish Sea. There’s a part of me that hopes we get one week full of snow this winter, as I’ve got a hankering to build THE BEST SNOW FORT EVER.

Shortly after this photo was taken, my friends and I built a giant snowman in the field across from the community centre. Bailey’s and hot chocolate sustained us, as we gave in to our inner children and had a ball in the snow.

All of these photos were taken with a mix of Nikon and Olympus point and shoots, back before I had my DSLR.