A Tale of Old Christmas Booze

When my Grampa died just before Christmas 31 years ago, my Gramma boxed up the booze and stuck it in the basement. She just wasn’t into booze. Grampa was the only one who enjoyed a good cocktail or a tumbler of navy rum after a long day working as a longshoreman.

After my Gramma died, my sister and I came across the box of booze in the basement. A thick layer of dust encrusted the top of the box and when we opened it, mostly unopened bottles from the ’60s and ’70s once again saw the light of day.

I’d say I snagged the best of the bunch when I grabbed the bottle of Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whisky (unopened) from 1969. Along with the bottle of whisky, I took a half-full bottle of Potter’s Apricot Liqueur. I did so mostly because I enjoyed the retro design of the label.

For five years the bottle of Potter’s Apricot Liqueur has sat in my liquor cabinet. One might begin to think this poor bottle was destined to collect dust; forgotten and unloved by the lips of man and woman alike. Nary a drop has touched my lips, that’s for sure.

Apparently, my Grampa enjoyed this liqueur on Christmas day; pouring himself a snifter of the stuff to sip the evening away. I guess it’s high-time I did something with this booze, eh?

What type of cocktail do you think I should make?

Merry Christmas!