April by Cory Q

Shortly after I posted Winters Past, my poet and photographer friend Cory Q, who writes over at www.monkeyrivertown.com, mentioned that I’d outdone myself in unintentional lewdness. It was a silly conversation as he teased me about licking the top of a lighthouse that didn’t really look like the top of a lighthouse.

I’ll give you a minute to go look at the photo.

Dear readers, I’m a lewd girl. I’ve tried to keep that to a minimum here on my blog because there’s more to life than just filth. From time to time, however, my lewdness permeates into the innocent things I say. It’s the way it goes with a diseased mind like mine.

Our conversation ended with me challenging Cory to write a poem about licking the tops of lighthouses. There would be bonus points for eloquent euphemisms.

I had faith Cory would deliver something beautiful. He’s a talented poet and writer, as well as a photographer with an exceptional eye.

And he did deliver.

Cory captured carnal beauty inside seemingly innocent words and I love it. I hope all of you enjoy Cory’s poem as much as I do.


All deltas are restless
Tonight. Along the desolate
Coast of his body standing
Proud, a lighthouse pale
Like white sand in
Moonlight. Starting down
That mesmerizing shore, she
Straddles the mouth of
A stream, coaxing words
Softly purling about
Her knees. Further up
The contours her hands find
Where beach and building,
Wishing and frenzy meet,
The moment surmounted.
She kisses the top
Of the lighthouse.
All deltas are restless tonight.

This poem © Cory Q. Published January 6, 2012.