I’ve started 2012 feeling rather creatively blocked. It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas and inspiration—my brain is swimming with ideas—it’s that for some strange reason, as soon as I start on a project, my mind goes blank. “Crickets chirping” blank. “Little birds fluttering up and away into the sky above” blank. Oh, oh, oh, where did that idea go? Uhh….

Even my motivation for picking up my camera is wavering. Not only is my brain blocked, but I’m suffering from a mild case of Isuckitis. It’s frustrating.

My sister gave me a worthwhile piece of advice years ago. Change mediums for a while.

The creative outlets to choose from are endless. Whatever the creative vehicle may be, the importance is place on trying something different to get the juices flowing again. I liken it to the advice health care professionals give us about resting our eyes after staring at a computer screen for too long. It’s important to look away and focus our eyes on something different. When we return to looking at the screen, our eyes are refreshed. The creative brain works similarly.

So in an effort to change mediums and give my creative mind an infusion of fresh energy I bought an easel set off of Craigslist for $15. I spent the majority of my youth (until I was 25) drawing up a storm. Classes at Arts Umbrella. Packing every spare block I had with art and pottery classes in high school. Stacks upon stacks of filled to the brim sketch books line a shelf in my solarium.

A lot of the art from my youth hangs in the living rooms of old friends and family members. Something I forgot about, until a close friend reminded me of a drawing I gave her that hangs prominently on a wall in her home.

All reminders that at one point in my life I knew how to draw.

So as I sit and stare at the blank face of the pristine white paper staring back at me, my hope is my fingers get itchy enough for the stain of the charcoal I keep catching whiffs of, sitting on my table.