Jaws the Travelling Goldfish

“Jaws” by Cheryl Cheeks © 2012, Charcoal with Mixed Media

This is Jaws. He’s a goldfish. I couldn’t find a photo of him in any of the old family photo albums, so I did a charcoal drawing and plopped him in a fish bowl and then snapped a photograph, complete with charcoal pebbles at the bottom of the bowl.

I never realized how odd my family is until I shared the story of Jaws, my Gramma’s goldfish, with some friends of mine.

You see, Jaws always accompanied us on family summer vacations back in the 80’s. Every summer, we’d pack up the camping gear and trek off to Tofino and Ucluelet on Vancouver Island for a few weeks.

Gramma would stick Jaws in a mason jar full of water, screw on the lid and off we’d go; my sister and I taking turns holding Jaws in his travel jar. Yes, there was a mason jar specifically for Jaws. She’d take it down off the shelf, wipe off the dust, and Jaws would start swimming circles in his bowl, doing little leaps out of the water. I swear that goldfish got more excited about family vacations than we did.

My sister and I would hold Jaws’ travel jar up to the window so he’d have a nice view of the drive. Upon our arrival, we’d put him in his fish bowl and set it down in view of the Pacific Ocean. Nothing but rolling green and blue waves as far as he could see.

I suppose that makes us strange, my family and I, but Jaws lived for the better part of eleven years.

Do you have any quirky family stories others might consider strange? If so, what are they?