On the Sea: Photos from WWII

War, what is it good for?

I’m pretty sure my late maternal great-grandfather had an answer to the above question. To anyone who asked him about what it was like to fight in World War I, he’d say, “When you see a young, blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy coming up over the rise in front you, carrying a gun and looking as terrified as you feel, there is only one certainty and that is one of you will wind up dead.”

But this post isn’t about my great-grandfather. Instead, it’s full of my late paternal grandfather’s photos that he took during World War II, while serving as a crew member aboard the HMCS Orkney K448.

The HMCS Orkney K448. The ship my grandpa served on in World War II.

Comm. Rowland takes aim.

Depth charge explosion in the Atlantic.

Half-mast aboard HMCS Orkney, in mourning for the death of President Roosevelt.

HMCS Orkney crew loading hedgehogs. Three crew members were killed from a hedgehog explosion in Strathadam.

HMCS Orkney crew.

HMS Stork, a British sloop.

HMCS Orkney crew shooting at mines.