Painted Forest

I’m off visiting friends in the foothills of Alberta. This trip seemed like a good opportunity to try using the 75-300mm lens I borrowed from my sister.

Wow. Let me tell ya, I have not mastered the telephoto lens. I’ve never used one before now and I’m learning way more about focal length than I thought I would.

I’m sharing two images I captured, despite the fact that they kinda sorta suck. I like them enough because the forest looks like it’s a painted backdrop.

It was an overcast day, the sun slipping in and out from behind the cloud cover, when we drove along a very slippery dirt road to a place called Coal Mine Hill.

Coal Mine Hill is located above an old coal mine that was used in the 1950s, though I couldn’t see any evidence of the coal mine below because it was so heavily forested. The views of rolling fields and forest were breathtaking and we spent a lot of time gazing off into the distance; the birds chirping loudly around us.

I had a good laugh as I used the telephoto lens because it felt like everything I’ve taught myself about photography flew right out of my head.