World War I: Photos from a Combat Engineer

This is my third and final instalment of war photos that were handed down to me through my family’s generations.

The first and second instalments were photos that my paternal Grandfather took while serving aboard the HMCS Orkney during WWII.

The photos below are from my maternal Great Grandfather, who served with the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force as a sapper (combat engineer) during WWI. Serving with the Canadian Railway Troops (CRT), he helped blow up supply rails behind enemy lines. He also fought at Vimy Ridge.

My Great Grandfather never really talked about the war. People would ask and he’d get a sad, distant look in his eyes. I imagine many of his WWI memories he took to the grave with him.

My maternal Great Grandfather.

WWI camp. I don’t know where this photo was taken.

Riding the rails.

WWI Officers portrait.

WWI camp, including members of my Great Grandfather’s unit.