Four Things My Niece Has Taught Me

Up until my niece was born, I didn’t have a lot of experience hanging out with the zero to one-year old crowd. That changed just over a year ago. Hilly carp, are little kids fascinating! My niece pretty much blew my mind away. I thought I’d share the four most important things she’s taught me, so far.

4. Leave Your Bullshit at the Door

Babies and kids have no time for bullshit. When I visit, and I haven’t left my bullshit at the door, she knows. Oh, she knows. She’ll raise a little eyebrow at me and stare with her blue laser beam eyes.

Yep. Leave your bullshit at the door. Nobody wants that junk.

3. Remember

Sometimes I look at my niece and think about all the moments in her early life she won’t remember. Those memories will still live inside her, but like most adults, remembering them will be challenging.

It’s up to us, those who love her, to remember for her.

2. Never Ever Stop Exploring

Little kids are natural-born scientists. They explore everything, and each time they do something that appears to us like doing the same thing, it’s completely different to them. Hypothesizing. Variables. Observations. Response. Calculations. New trial. To my niece, the simple act of picking up a piece of paper is scientifically boundless.

Don’t lose your sense of intrepid curiosity.

1. Love Love Love

The heading sums it up. Love love love. Be vulnerable. You’ll grow as a person because of it.