I am the Worst Worm Mom

Pepper and Lettuce Babies

I am the worst worm mom.

My friend Mista Frank hooked me up with some wonderful compost infused soil that contained a small colony of worms. I’ve used this soil to plant lettuces in my cold frames, and to get my radishes started.

The other day I realized I was behind in getting my peppers seeded indoors. I spent a good long time delicately sifting through the soil I was placing in the small pots for the pepper seeds, to make sure no worms were separated from the colony.

I’m a fly by the seat of my pants gardener. I know it’s not recommended to use compost to start seeds, but I’ve done it before with successful results. So rules be damned.

Two baby lettuce starts and four pepper seeds later and I was rockin’ a mini nursery. I covered the four pepper seed pots in plastic wrap and plopped the crew down on the carpet in the sunshine. Yesterday was glorious and the spot in front of the sliding glass door was the perfect place for them. If I was a cat, that’s where I’d be napping.

They sat there all day in the sunshine doing their happy germination thing. (Until I get a grow light, that’s where they’ll stay when they’re not sleeping on top of the fridge at night.)

Around 3pm I was sitting at the table working away when I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye.

Sweet baby cheesus, it was a horrible sight. Half a dozen worms I’d missed during my sifting tried to escape the blazing heat inside the pots, only to roast on the carpet. Except they were only half roasted.

Writhing and trying to drag their half-roasted bodies out of the heat, all I could think was I was the worst worm mom ever.

The plump chickadees out front, however, now love me.