Dude Chilling Art Exchange Ready to Launch

Dude Chilling Art Exchange

I still need to install the sign, but here’s a sneak peek of the art exchange, made mostly from salvaged, recycled, and repurposed materials.

A month ago I announced I was building an art exchange, and today I’m happy to write the Dude Chilling Art Exchange is ready for its new home in the wilds of East Vancouver.

It’s simple, really.

Create. Share. Enjoy.

Whether you have something at home that needs a new love; you’re inspired to create something specifically for the art exchange; or you’re looking for something new to bring you joy, the art exchange is the place to leave it or find it.

Art supplies, music, poetry, short stories, paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs, and whatever other creations that come pouring out of your minds: if it fits in the booth, you’re good to go.

As of Saturday afternoon (July 20th), you can find the Dude Chilling Art Exchange at the Brewery Creek Community Gardens at Dude Chilling Park (Guelph Park) in East Vancouver.

Special thanks go out to the Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grant Program for the grant, which made the building of the art exchange possible; the Brewery Creek Community Garden crew, for generously providing a home for the art exchange; and my dad Peter, for building such a fantastic art exchange.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment here or send me a message at dudechillingartexchange at gmail dot com.

xo Cheryl Cheeks