Dude Chilling Art Exchange Curating Exhibit as Part of Broadway East Art Walk

The Dude Chilling Art Exchange will be curating an exhibit in Guelph Park on Saturday, September 28th, from noon to 5pm, as part of the Broadway East Art Walk.

The Broadway East Art Walk, consisting of a group of neighbours living in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, formed as part of the Broadway East Revitalization Project and the associated Weaving Policy, People and Place Together group.

“Our mission is to transform an underutilized stretch of Broadway into a place where neighbours and community members can fully experience art in all its forms while strengthening awareness of businesses in the area and building community.”

The art exchange will be playing host to four local artists along the fence line of Brewery Creek Community Gardens.

Happening concurrently with MetamorFest…Broadway East will be filled with fun activities for the entire family, music and artwork at locations roughly between Prince Edward and Prince Albert. We are proud to be part of BC Culture Days Celebration…The day concludes with our Short Films Screening at the Western Front at 7pm!

The four local artists who will be exhibiting their work on Saturday are:

  • Bret Taylor, a 16-year Vancouver resident, a transplanted Newfoundlander, a multi-disciplinary visual artist, and a detail fetishist. His principal venue of artistic expression is an ongoing experiment in acrylics – the metalflake technique.
  • Cheryl Cheeks (that’s me), a third generation Vancouverite, writer, voice actor, and impish photographer.
  • Maggie Pie, a local tail-feather shaker in the Vancouver burlesque scene; purveyor and creator of handmade burlesque accessories, costumes and pin-up essentials; and burlesque and pin-up inspired painter.
  • Kiki Lighburn, an artist who loves to explore and experiment with color and shape and the moods they create. Kiki believes you can tell almost everything about a person based on their eyes, so she likes to start each project with the eyes in mind. Each face has a story and her goal is to reveal those stories.