Foggy Nights and Pretend Axe Murderers

For five years I’ve had this idea of doing a photo shoot with an axe-wielding figure in the fog, but every year I forget about it until after the few days of soupy Autumn fog we get in Vancouver passes.

Well, this year I remembered!

My friend Donna joined me for a night of wandering around Deep Kits in the fog with an axe and a camera. We laughed about what we’d do if we were stopped by the cops, though in all seriousness, we tried to be discreet. Though, I’m sure there were a few people who went home that night and said, as they walked through the door, “So, there were these two women in the park with an axe….”

Aside from alarming a few fellow citizens, I’m pleased with the long exposure results we achieved in the fog.

Foggy Ax-wielding Figure

Foggy Ax in Motion

Foggy Hooded Ax-wielding Figure

Foggy Figure in the Park

And because you should always take the time to enjoy the swings.

Foggy Figure on the Swings