A Short Summary of My 2013

Good Things

In 2013 I kept a “Good Things Jar”. 2012 had been so rough, I felt I needed to mark the good things that happened in 2013. It was about finding perspective and remembering that good things happen, no matter how large or small they might be.

In no particular order, here’s a handful of the good things I made note of during 2013, all unedited, as written in the moment:

  • On my way to Savary Island and then the Sunshine Coast with some truly great friends! I can feel the white sand between my toes already. We’re coming, Savary! We’re coming!
  • THE BEES HAVE DISCOVERED MY BALCONY GARDEN!!! (Note: Yes, this was written in all caps. What can I say? I was excited.)
  • The Dude Chilling Art Exchange launch was a total success. It still doesn’t feel real, but you know what? You need to follow through on more “crazy” ideas, Cheryl.
  • One of my expired film photos will be featured in a UK magazine!
  • What a fantastic 35th birthday party at The Railway Club. Year 35 is gonna be bright.
  • Dude Chilling Art Exchange is #3 on Reddit Vancouver.
  • My niece left me the cutest voicemail message. “I wuv you Auntie Cherwhoa!” (Note: I still have this message saved in my message archives and listen to it when I need a pick-me-up.)
  • Great weekend away in the ‘Wack visiting friends. River tacos, farm tours, gourmet meals, and the Rockabilly Music Garlic Festival.
  • Dude Chilling Art Exchange invited to curate exhibit in the park as part of the Broadway East Art Walk.
  • I finally walked away from that toxic friendship. It feels good to be free from all that misplaced anger and judgment.
  • Set up cold frames for my garden. Hello, baby lettuces.
  • I bought a microphone today. It’s official. I have no more excuses as to why I’m not voice acting.
  • Unofficial house warming/Boxing Day gathering was a roaring success. My house and heart have been fantastically warmed.
  • Learning to hunt with Dad. It’s these moments on the side of mountains I’ll hold on to forever.
  • Niece just noticed my Eye of Horus tattoo. She leaned in close and yelled “Helloooooooo?”
  • I MOVED OUT OF PURGATORY! (Note: again, all caps. I was excited. That place was hell from the moment I moved in there until the moment I legally abandoned the place.)
  • The full wall of my own photos finally came together. Such great night of wine and my Mount Pleasant babes.
  • Did my voice demo reel today. Whoa. I sound like I could have my own radio show.
  • My heart is broken and I’m grateful for it. It took this pain to realize all the things I was blind to before now.

And that’s the short summary, folks. So many good times and adventures with the people I love. You guys mean the world to me. xo