Hey Hey Mr. Developer

On the corner of East 7th Avenue and Brunswick Street stood two houses. Overgrown with vegetation and having fallen into disrepair, they sat “empty”. I use this term loosely. They were never really empty.

Over the course of 2013, the graffiti messages told a short story—a story of someone angry with the developer who was going to tear down those two houses and replace them with nine townhouses.

When I saw the first message below, in February 2013, I was intrigued about these dead people. Was it metaphorical? Literal? I don’t know.

A few weeks later, this message was painted over in white.

Don't Wake Them Up

In November 2013, the houses were still there. The first message was long gone and then, near the end of November, this message appeared.

Victorian Splendor

I agree, dear author. So much heritage has turned to rubble.

Some time in December 2013 the two houses were knocked down. Shortly thereafter, the following two messages were spray painted on the development sign.

Not Over Asshole

Dead People Are Here

Who are these dead people the author writes about? My curiosity is piqued.