100 in 1 Day Urban Intervention at Dude Chilling Park Wrap-up


On Saturday, June 7th, myself and a few friends staged an urban intervention as part of 100 in 1 Day. You can read about what we planned to do, here.


Saturday was a glorious, sunny day in Vancouver. We set up in Dude Chilling Park with crayons, felts, pencil crayons, charcoal, graphite, oil pastels, plenty of paper for people to draw on, and eagerly awaited our first guests.


We had a grand, old time saying hello to people who passed by and stopped to chat. There were a lot of curious questions from cyclists and pedestrians, and plenty of bold people who stopped to join us and draw something for the Dude Chilling Art Exchange. I took a lot of pleasure in announcing, “You’re done your drawing? Awesome! Come with me!” And we’d skip off to the art exchange.


It was satisfying to watch everyone who joined us take their time in selecting what material they’d use to create their artwork. I like watching people make decisions when presented with a plethora of colourful options.

We were full of encouragement for those who weren’t so sure about their artistic abilities, and pretty soon even the shyest who stopped to join us were deep in conversation and creation.


It was a fantastic day and we met so many wonderful people who helped create new artwork for the Dude Chilling Art Exchange. It was such a wonderful day, in fact, we’ve decided we’d like to make this a regular thing we do, so stay tuned for announcements about coming to join us to create more art in the park.

Big thanks to Kitty, Jill, Marnie, Varouj, the team at 100 in 1 Day, and all those wonderful strangers—who aren’t strangers anymore—for stopping by to say hello.