My Wild Art Baby Turns One

Dude Chilling Art Exchange

Happy Birthday, Dude Chilling Art Exchange! My wild art baby turns one today.

People love her for her spirit and some people hate her for her name.

There are those who love her so much they’ve held their birthday in the park and requested their guests make art to place inside, instead of giving gifts.

Some people have been cruel and busted her doors and scrawled tags across her body, while others have left notes of love.

People really love her during good weather, but there are those who brave the rain to visit too.

Through the good and the bad, she’s weathered it all and the art keeps on cycling through. From my weekly counts, I’d say approximately 1000 pieces of art have passed through her doors so far.

Most importantly though, my wild art baby wouldn’t be what she is today without the love and support of those who open her doors. To those close by and to those far away: thank you for embracing the spirit of sharing art with each other.