That Magical Reset

Year End

In the dark moments of December, while we hold another dying year in our arms, a years worth of struggles burble to the surface. It often feels like the goodness fades away in those moments when the year begins to cycle down, curling in towards death.

Common sentiments as the year nears its end always seem to be about how rough the concluding year was on people. That’s why I keep a “Good Things” jar. It helps to remind me of all that was good about the year I just lived. Even if those good moments were small and sprinkled throughout the year, it helps me with perspective and to remember it wasn’t all bad.

It’s a nice mental setup for when the clocks strike midnight on December 31st and the unseen reset in our brains happens. All the goodness perceived to be lacking in the previous year is restored.

Happy New Year, friends. xo