About Infinite Dive

I like poking brains. Not literally, of course. Although if a brain washed ashore on the beach, I’d most likely already be carrying a stick. I poke because I like watching people think.

It’s why I like catching people surfacing from their daydreams. The expression that passes across peoples’ faces when they focus their eyes out of a daydream reminds me of the first fully conscious breath we take when we wake up. Slow and steady at first; we brighten into reality.

Through the lens of my camera or charcoal on paper, the sharing of family stories passed down through history or the words that percolate out of the radio in my brain; this is a blog about me and the world I see.

Laugh. Take a deep breath. Look around. I’m not that serious, though I will say things in all seriousness.

xo Cheeks