On Theft

Earlier this week someone stole the guest book out of the art exchange. It wasn’t just a matter of ripping the book off of the string. They took everything: the eye screw, the… Continue reading

Photobombed by a Bumblebee

This blurry bumblebee was determined to photobomb every shot I took of my poppies. Cheeky bee.

The Dude Chilling Art Exchange: One Month Later

It’s been one month since I launched the Dude Chilling Art Exchange at Brewery Creek Community Gardens in Guelph Park and the community engagement has been overwhelmingly positive. For me, the best moments… Continue reading

Roberts Creek Mandala: A Tribute to the Bee

If you can, you really must make your way to Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast to check out this year’s mandala. Started in 1997 and marking its 16th year, the Roberts Creek… Continue reading

Dude Chilling Art Exchange Goes Live Today

It’s all finally come together and this afternoon after 2pm the Dude Chilling Art Exchange will be live at Brewery Creek Community Gardens at Dude Chilling Park (Guelph Park) in East Vancouver. Again,… Continue reading

More Words

Dude Chilling Art Exchange Ready to Launch

A month ago I announced I was building an art exchange, and today I’m happy to write the Dude Chilling Art Exchange is ready for its new home in the wilds of East Vancouver.… Continue reading

Mount Pleasant Art Exchange

An art exchange booth is coming to Brewery Creek community gardens at Dude Chilling Park (Guelph Park) by August 2013! Much like a book exchange, but for art prints, photos, and small canvases.… Continue reading

Voices in the Rain

It often rains in Vancouver. That’s a fact. I don’t mind it. The rain lives in my cells; in my memory of family members who came here before me. I hear their voices… Continue reading

Be Good

all i really want is for you to be good. for us all to be good. not perfect, not sculpted. you can have that dark swirl, that grey, the place where the light… Continue reading

I Am Me

“This is how you should feel, this is how you should think, and this is how you should act. What you feel, what you think, and the way you act isn’t what you feel, what you think, and the way you… Continue reading

Save the Bees

Everyday a variety of bees come visit my balcony garden. This brings me great joy. They load up their pollen baskets and take their bounty back home to the hive where they do… Continue reading

The Next Bus to Poughkeepsie

There I was, standing at the bus stop at Main and Terminal staring off into space, with something less than a smile on my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I… Continue reading

Sad Endings

The hardest sad endings are the ones you can’t bring yourself to talk about.

I am the Worst Worm Mom

I am the worst worm mom. My friend Mista Frank hooked me up with some wonderful compost infused soil that contained a small colony of worms. I’ve used this soil to plant lettuces… Continue reading

Deep Love

I’ve never wanted children of my own. When I was little, I didn’t think about what it would be like to be a mother, nor did I treat any of my dolls like… Continue reading

The Memory of Smell

Even though I’m sick with a nasty cold, I can still smell that summer day I lay in the sun-baked grass in a quiet grove on Vancouver Island. I close my eyes and… Continue reading

My Smile Project

Over the past few months I’ve been conducting a personal project I’ve dubbed “My Smile Project”. The results have been fascinating. My number one rule is to never, ever tell someone to smile… Continue reading

Climbing Skyward

Not every road looks like one.

My Winter Skin

Ashokan Farewell, Performed by Zoë Moffat

One year late is better than never. The wind howled through the hollows of the building and the murmur of conversation mixed with the clink of dishes in the dining room, and I… Continue reading

Rabies is a Really Crappy Christmas Gift

Last night I got home around 11pm from a large grocery shopping expedition with a friend. I put the grocery bags on the kitchen floor, opened up the sliding glass door (because my… Continue reading

You Are Love

You are love, my love.

I Am The Wildebeest

I had lunch with my Dad yesterday. The last time I saw him was before he started two clinical cancer drug trials, a month ago. The thing about my Dad and his 22… Continue reading

Contractual Obligations Regarding a Tomato Plant

While on the Sunshine Coast I expropriated this tomato plant from my parents yard while they were away. Shhh. The volunteer tomato plant appeared in a section of the garden dedicated to carrots… Continue reading