In the Quiet

I’ve been nestled in my quiet, lately. Not in a hopelessly dark sort of way. What I feel is quiet acceptance that these moments, right now, are reality. Cancer fucking sucks. That’s a… Continue reading

No More Mountains for You

The 2 a.m. break in the rain left a thick cover of clouds over the North Shore. Midnight purple and ominous, the clouds enveloped the mountains, leaving no trace of the lights on… Continue reading

Four Things My Niece Has Taught Me

Up until my niece was born, I didn’t have a lot of experience hanging out with the zero to one-year old crowd. That changed just over a year ago. Hilly carp, are little… Continue reading

World War I: Photos from a Combat Engineer

This is my third and final instalment of war photos that were handed down to me through my family’s generations. The first and second instalments were photos that my paternal Grandfather took while… Continue reading

Painted Forest

I’m off visiting friends in the foothills of Alberta. This trip seemed like a good opportunity to try using the 75-300mm lens I borrowed from my sister. Wow. Let me tell ya, I… Continue reading

On the Sea: Photos from WWII – Part Two

Here’s another instalment of my late paternal grandfather’s photos that he took during World War II, while serving as a crew member aboard the HMCS Orkney K448.

22 Years of Cancer

Living with cancer for 22 years is fucked. It’s just fucked. I love my dad. I don’t want him to die, but I know he will. We all die. It happens. My long-term… Continue reading


I’ve come untethered. All I own now sits in boxes inside a ten by ten box; tucked away next to other boxes inside a bigger box to house them all. I’ve done this… Continue reading

Clicking Cranky

I was feeling awfully cranky the other day. To prevent myself from stewing in the fetid rot of my bad mood, I took to the streets with my camera. Walking always helps me… Continue reading

The Art of Making Mistakes

The act of making a mistake can be artful. Or maybe it’s just all in the timing and I failed. Whatever way you look at it, the image I wanted eluded me. I… Continue reading

On the Sea: Photos from WWII

War, what is it good for? I’m pretty sure my late maternal great-grandfather had an answer to the above question. To anyone who asked him about what it was like to fight in… Continue reading

Farewell, Dear Pumpkin

155 days. That’s how long you lasted. You should be pleased with yourself, Pumpkin. When I peeked on Wednesday, you were round and proud. I whispered to you about our big plans for… Continue reading

Night Light Multiverse

We were on a mission; exploring the night. Or nights, as it were. The endless nights of the Multiverse. Armed only with our intrepid curiosity and the ability to capture moments in time.

Little Windows

There is no beat. No breath. There is no THIS. This everything. The real deal. There’s only small words inside little windows. Little windows, forever scrolling. Small words inside little windows where the… Continue reading

Our Love Affair with the Apocalypse

As a species, we’ve become obsessed with The End. It’s not that we want fire and brimstone catastrophes, ravenous zombies, or locusts that shoot raging plagues of pestilence from their mouths (OK, maybe… Continue reading

The Chicken Lady

This photo is one of my favourites and has been for the better part of 25 years. The inspiration for my photo series Earthbound Memories has roots in this photo. I present The… Continue reading

Hey There, Good Lookin’

When the melancholy blooms, I turn to my Black and White Time Machine for a soft poke to my brain. Here’s a handful of handsome mystery men; their stories unknown.

Frosty Winter Cherry

A Softer Dimension

The soft, abstract shapes and lines that result with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) make me happy. As the world softens, a new dimension reveals itself. There were a few other people in the… Continue reading

Jaws the Travelling Goldfish

This is Jaws. He’s a goldfish. I couldn’t find a photo of him in any of the old family photo albums, so I did a charcoal drawing and plopped him in a fish… Continue reading

The Winter Banana Apple Tree

Back in 1916 my great-grandfather William planted a Winter Banana apple tree in the backyard of the family homestead. Over the next 69 years the tree provided for four generations of my family.… Continue reading


I’ve started 2012 feeling rather creatively blocked. It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas and inspiration—my brain is swimming with ideas—it’s that for some strange reason, as soon as I start on… Continue reading

April by Cory Q

Shortly after I posted Winters Past, my poet and photographer friend Cory Q, who writes over at, mentioned that I’d outdone myself in unintentional lewdness. It was a silly conversation as he… Continue reading

A Tale of Old Christmas Booze

When my Grampa died just before Christmas 31 years ago, my Gramma boxed up the booze and stuck it in the basement. She just wasn’t into booze. Grampa was the only one who… Continue reading

Winters Past

The crackling of winter is upon us. We should cherish the beauty of our seasons as we know them now and from days gone by. What’s ahead is going to challenge us in… Continue reading