Dagnabbit, Keep Off the Lawn

Please keep off the new lawn. Dagnabbit! The light was fading fast when I found this installation hiding in an alley near the cop shop. I had to touch the grass because it… Continue reading

Everyday Portals

I get a kick out of windows and doors. I think about all the people who’ve used them and all the old photo albums they might be in. Picture it: A young man… Continue reading

In the Alley

“What are you doing?” she asked. “I’m sketching my boot and smoking crystal meth,” he responded. “Oh.”

Amongst the Living

I’ve seen the faces of dead friends and family juxtaposed on the faces of the living, these past few weeks. Yet every time I do a double-take, the face of a stranger stares… Continue reading

Love Fades Away Slowly

Enid shed plenty of tears the day Timmy Lancaster punted Alice into the ravine that backed along the end of Wedgewood Street. Mother did nothing to comfort Enid’s aching heart, saying that some… Continue reading

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Eaten by a Zombie

When I take the garbage out to the bin, I like to play “Zombie Attack”. The premise of the game is simple: don’t get bitten or eaten by a zombie when taking out… Continue reading

Blurring the Constellations

A few of my friends and I got together the other night for a photo shoot. As I was setting up my camera, there was a stream of activity taking place in front… Continue reading

Comin’ Through the Rye

Occasionally, when I have my camera on me—but I’m hauling ass and don’t have time to stop and take a photo—I take photos anyway. I hold the camera against my torso for core… Continue reading

Rift in the Space Time Brain

Falling back always screws me up. I never feel like I’ve gained an hour. Instead, I feel like I lose two hours. I get that extra hour of sleep and the morning starts… Continue reading

Sous les Pavés la Plage

The beauty and frustration of language is that sometimes there’s no clear translation. Sous les pavés la plage. Under the oppressive rules of civilization lies freedom. Under the paved stones lies liberty. Beneath… Continue reading

Here Be Monsters 2011

At the beginning of October I submitted some of my Earthbound Memories photos to be considered for the Monster Gallery at the Here Be Monsters Festival. It was an exercise in taking my… Continue reading


My present is living the acts of change. To view this photo set on Flickr, click here.

Inexplicable Melancholy

Today started out so well. I woke from a snug and restful sleep; filled my grumbling maw with a bowl of hearty oatmeal; drank the required cup of french press coffee; accomplished today’s… Continue reading

The Hand Saw of Truth

I’m pretty damn pleased with myself at the moment. Pleased as punch, I tell ya. Satisfied too. It’s the kind of satisfaction that comes with the ability to be self-sufficient. The cupboard in… Continue reading

Symbol of Change

I turn 33 tomorrow. Around age 10, my enthusiasm for my birthday faded. I saw it as a marker that I’d survived another year and nothing more. My birthday always seemed to arrive… Continue reading

They Taste Like Old

They taste like old; that sweet and musty, medicinal flavour of vintage treasures one pulls out of a drawer at the grandparents house. My Dad gave these harmonicas to me a few weeks… Continue reading

Earthbound Memories

Earthbound Memories is an exploration of minimal ambient light and long exposures to create spirits barely tangible to the naked eye—bound by the walls and objects around them. With the help of some… Continue reading

Back to Reality

The line “back to life, back to reality” from Soul II Soul has been running through my mind these past few days. My time away from the city is coming to an end… Continue reading

A Day in the Garden

I spent most of yesterday afternoon helping my Aunt weed her garden. The horsetail always tries to take over the garden in the summertime and I figured she could use an extra set… Continue reading

On Being an Aunt

When my niece was born 10 weeks ago I stood in awe of the future; a tiny human with infinite potential and there she lay, dreaming. I marveled at the beauty of the… Continue reading

Daydreams of a Post-Human World

I tend to daydream when I ride SkyTrain. I gaze out over the landscape and imagine I’m flying across a post-human world. I’m not the last woman alive because I’m not alive. I’m… Continue reading


Have you ever stepped back and listened to all the conversations happening all at once at a party? Like a flock of birds, there’s a synchronicity that exists inside the chattering mass. The… Continue reading

Visceral Gardens

Beginnings and endings. Everything has them. The meat of life fills out the middle. My life is rich with endings at the moment. The ending of habits, connections and lives. With equal parts… Continue reading

We’re in this Together

The other day as I was walking past a tiny Gastown bodega, a man called out to me. His dirty, ill-fitting clothes and pale, weathered face suggested he spent his days and nights… Continue reading


On the outside, looking in. Don’t fool yourself about the order. On the outside, looking out. There’s a symphony out here.