Thank You for Being The Playhouse

Memories bind to objects in similar ways we bind memories to our minds. There are stories bound to everything—expanding and contracting; rising and falling like invisible lungs. All those memories held in place, patiently… Continue reading

Mirage of Peace

How do you get over something when you’re surrounded by daily reminders of its existence? Sometimes I see the light shimmer off the oasis of peace in my mind, although it’s more often… Continue reading

Shorty Pie

Shapow! That’s the sound my compact and portable step-stool will make when I unsheathe it from its holster on my back, à la ‘Hansel’ from Zoolander. I’m short. I used to delude myself… Continue reading


I am thoroughly twitterpated with my new camera. Full on “pounding in my chest” love. Can you see me wagging my imaginary tail? I am. With camera in hand, I walk. I walk… Continue reading

Happy 125th Birthday, Vancouver

Happy 125th Birthday, Vancouver. I often talk about my Black and White Time Machine. It has the power to transport me to points in time in my family history and helps to remind… Continue reading

Dream Chickens and Egg Slivers

I woke up this morning with half an inch of sliver embedded in my left thigh. The fucked up part is that last night I had vivid dreams about climbing giant conifers in… Continue reading

The Train Whisperer

When I was a little girl I thought my dad was a train whisperer. He had an amazing ability to call trains to him. We’d be driving somewhere and suddenly dad would say… Continue reading


I swear raccoons are aliens. I’ve suspected this since I was a teenager, when I first heard them whispering to each other. Last night, my suspicions were raised again when I awoke to… Continue reading

Let Me Show You

It took a year of saving, but today I fulfilled a dream of mine. This baby is all mine.

From the Roof – Nonsensically

It’s imperative you find opportunities to shout from atop a roof. You need the space to fuel your breath. And when the laughter curls upwards you can catch it with your teeth. It… Continue reading

Don’t Say Nothin’

“Most times, it’s just a lot easier not to let the world know what’s wrong.” – Chuck Palahniuk, from Invisible Monsters. There are times, publicly and privately, when I’ve chosen to censor the… Continue reading

Bickering with Technology

Sometimes my Nikon Coolpix is temperamental. But then, sometimes so am I. Put the two of us together and we’re bound to have a row. The funny thing about arguing with a piece… Continue reading


Here, you can be small. If you listen. Can you hear her? She speaks through Savary. To view the entire photo set on Flickr, click here.

II. Expired 35mm Film Project

I’m sure there’s a reason why I stumbled upon the quote on the train tracks that read: “She’s so stubborn that she might just live forever.” Me? Stubborn? Maybe a little. Here are… Continue reading

Pass the Trephine Please, Margaret

I really don’t know why I do this to myself. Sometimes late at night I’ll watch films and documentaries about alien abductions. The result is I lay awake in bed for hours pondering… Continue reading

Call It

Heads or tails? You win your thirteen seconds back! [waves hands in air mysteriously]

The Curious Case of Thump Thump

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard a new sound through the walls of my kitchen ceiling. Unlike the phantom piano I sometimes hear through my fireplace, I cannot, as of yet, identify… Continue reading

The Sink in the Kitchen

Some nights you’ll find me eating a pink grapefruit over the sink in the kitchen; the juices running down my chin as I ravenously quench my craving for vitamin C.

I. Expired 35mm Film Project

The discovery of four rolls of expired 35mm film in an old camera bag of mine inspired me to pick up my old Pentax MZ-50 and hit the streets; excited by what the… Continue reading

The Infinite Dive

In my every day life, I’m the girl behind the scenes making it happen. Behind the camera, behind the vision, behind the words that help perpetuate positive change in the way we interact… Continue reading